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We do it all in-house so you don't have to look any further. From pre-construction design, to engineer plans, and permit acquisition our team provides end-to-end construction services.

Know the numbers

You'll get a detailed scope of work that outlines how much your project will cost and how long it will take.

No long waits

You'll never have to wait on us. Our team is never short handed. So as soon as the city grants us the building permits, we'll start remodeling your home.

Builder Warranty

Have the peace of mind with our Builder Warranty. If anything goes wrong with our work within 1 year, we'll come back and fix the problem for free.

See the end-result now

You'll know exactly what you're going to get. Our team will create 3D renderings modeled after your design ideas which will be used by our team to refer to during the construction stage.

Monthly payments

We'll work with your financier so you can break up the project price into affordable monthly payments with construction financing.

Get an overview of the process

One of our project managers will come out to your property to learn more about your project, take measurements, and give you more information on the price and timeline of you remodeling project.

Your estimator will create a proposal for you that includes a scope of work & the cost of your project.

Use the Renofi's loan payment calculator to find the best loan product that fits your needs!

Buy the materials from the vendor you choose or use one of our partners to get contractor pricing.

Our drafting team can create hyper-realistic 3D drafts that will give you a clear idea of how the project will look like when it is finished.

With all the paperwork, designs, and materials taken care of, we can start remodeling your home.

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Project deep dive

Stone Creek Pl, Alamo

Bathroom remodel

12 weeks


Aside from the 3 bathrooms we remodeled for this home in Alamo, we also remodeled the master bedroom and hallway. The goal for the remodel was to create unique expressions of Modern design but make sure they cohesively fit into the home. You'll see in the bathrooms that each has a unique color palette, patterns, and shapes so to achieve the cohesiveness, we maintained the floor to ceiling backsplashes across the bathrooms, the placement of the vanity lights stayed the same, using double sink vanities, and the use of glass enclosures for the shower areas.

This home is a model for creative Modern design. We really encourage our clients to be imaginative and explore options when it comes to remodeling. We think the homeowners here took our advice to heart.

Flying fish, Foster City

Bathroom remodel

8 weeks


For this home, we remodeled 2 bathrooms. The main bathroom we remodeled, the goal was to create a generous bathroom enclosure that felt more like a spa than a regular residential bathroom. To do this, we first had to ensure that the entire enclosure was waterproofed well and the materials we used were suitable for constant exposure to water. We used wood pattern tiles for the flooring and walls.

We spaced out the placement of the free-standing bathtub and shower to achieve that spacious spa-like feeling. It was also important that the bathtub was located where it could take advantage of the window's views. This project was definitely a fun challenge testing our ability to efficiently design a space.

Oakmore Rd, Oakland


12 weeks


We remodeled 2 bathroom for this home in Oakland. The goal for the first bathroom was to update the existing space and create a Modern bathroom with Contemporary elements. To achieve this, we paired the Modern geometric tile patterns that we used for the shower area backsplash with the brass hardware as you'll see in the pictures. The brass shower heads, faucets, and handles paired with the white cabinets really achieve that Contemporary feel.

For the second bathroom, we stayed consistent with the Modern theme when we updated the vanity, cabinetry, and tiling. The tiling in the shower area, the flush cabinets, and steel handles all stay within the bounds of Modern design.

Brentwood Cir, Concord

Bathroom remodel

8 weeks


The owners of this home had been living in this property for over a decade and decided that it was finally time to update their home. Ronnie, one of our project managers at Home Quality Remodeling, helped the homeowners work through their ideas to create 3D designs for the remodel and used those designs to remodel the home. We recreated the kitchen's floor plan, installed a new kitchen island, updated the appliances, and installed a super cool Modern geometric backsplash. For the bathrooms, we updated the shower areas with new floor to ceiling tiles, Modern hexagonal tile floors, new shower fixtures, and enclosed the shower areas in glass. The vanities in the bathrooms were updated with new freestanding vanities. For the house in general, we repainted both the inside and outside of the home.

One thing to notice in the bathrooms are the tile pairings. We're seeing more and more creative combinations of patterns to avoid rigid and overly systematic tiling in bathrooms. Build a bathroom that has your style in it!

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Start your bathroom renovation with 3D designs and a good set of plans

Bathroom renovations tend to be the simples room in a home to remodel so if you're comfortable moving forward with your bathroom without 3D designs, that is totally doable. But for those of you who like to plan ahead, pre-construction 3D bathroom designs are where you want to start.

What are pre-construction designs? These are a set of graphic renderings of how your bathroom will look post construction. These renderings also come with precise measurements of the bathroom's elements. So pre-construction designs are great for creating a clear set of expectations for the construction team on how you want your bathroom to look like but it also gives your fabricators and appliance vendors a clear idea of what the space they're working with.

Finished remodel along side 3D designs

Do you need permits to remodel your bathroom?

Yes, you will need permits to remodel your bathroom. To begin with, your general contractor will need to get a permit for any project over $500 as per California law. But as it relates to additional permitting, this will depending on what you want to do. Keep in mind that if you're simply updating aesthetic non-structural elements of your bathroom, you probably won't need additional permits. An example of this is if you're wanting to change the tiles in your shower area to a different type of tile or if you want to replace your vanity with a more modern floating vanity then this would be considered like-to-like remodeling and you won't need additional permits for this.

If you're moving or adding any plumbing or electrical fixtures, this will need a permit and a subsequent inspection. Similarly, if you want to replace your bathtub with a shower enclosure, you'll need permits and a subsequent inspection.

If you're adding various electrical appliances your bathroom builder will be able to figure out if the current circuit to your bathroom can handle the added load. If not, your contractor will need to upgrade the electrical system. This will need a permit and inspection as well.

How much do bathroom remodels cost?

For a like-to-like remodel, you can expect $10,000 to $20,000 for rough materials and labor for a standard bathroom. If you're on a budget and are looking for ways to save on your bathroom remodel, our project managers can set you up with material vendors we've partnered up with. We're able to negotiate material prices for much cheaper than retail due to the volume and frequent purchases we make.

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