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Bathroom remodel on Oak Grove Rd, Walnut Creek

Design inspiration


Turn around time
7 weeks

These two bathrooms were from a single family home in Walnut Creek. The inspiration for this project was to turn a dated bathroom into a beautiful Modern Contemporary space. For the master bathroom, we installed a double sink vanity with walnut cabinets and a pair of matching floating shelves. For the shower area, we build a niche into the wall and a bump out tile bench. The shower area has two shower heads installed and we used a glass wall to seal off the space. Another super cool feature of this master bath is the toilet which has an on-screen control panel for the toilet's built in bidet.

Moving onto the guest bathroom, we stayed consistent with the color pallet and Modern Contemporary design. We went with a lighter shade for the wood for the vanity and floating shelves. The shower area similarly has a glass enclosure and a neat little niche.

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