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We can handle any space--- a kitchen, bathroom, or house. Whether you're a homeowner or a buyer, your space requires constant upgrades to make it your safe haven, but it's a risky business. Fret not! Our team is here to support you throughout the Home remodel or home addition Concord process.


Getting started is easy with our organized plan. We provide a timeline and payment cycle to ensure everything runs smoothly - from budgeting to relocating services.


We will give you the outline of your home addition Concord project before we start.

You can inspect anything and consult with the crew about changes, color schemes, and aesthetics based on your requirements.

Get approvals

The majority of home improvement or ADU remodeling Concord projects need permission from neighborhood authorities. However, not everyone enjoys it.

Since our general contractor is licensed, they can get building permits for subcontractors and job locations.

Work with professionals

As a group of renovators,architects, engineers, designers, and technicians, we strive to provide a complete experience.

With commitment and knowledge,our experts manage every step of your home remodeling process.

With our abilities and experience, we can identify problems before they develop into costly mistakes that could result in delays and dissatisfaction.

How we're different

Our clients come first! We are the market leaders in Concord, California. We provide the best home remodeling Concord and Concord bathroom remodel services. We keep your home safe & usable throughout the Concord home remodeling.

Dust & particulate filters
Dust & particulate filters
Custom construction times

Why this matters: Dust pollution from Concord bathroom remodel and construction may be harmful to your health. To keep you safe, we install air filters for construction on the job site to filter out airborne contaminants.

What we do: We use construction-grade air purifiers to filter out all the debris and particulates released into the air so you won't have to worry about wearing PPE in your home while our crews are at work.

Vapor & debris barriers
Vapor & debris barriers
Home Remodeling

Why this matters: The use of various adhesives, paints, waterproofing barriers, and synthetic construction materials will release smelly & harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), into the air.

What we do: We seal off the sections of the home our crews will work on with an impermeable plastic barrier in addition to the air filters mentioned above. This keeps the VOCs isolated to the construction site to either be filtered out or exhausted through a window.

Custom construction times
Custom construction times

Why this matters: Construction crews are inevitably going to be loud. If you work from home or have children that still need their nap - let's be honest, most of us still need a nap - the noise of construction can be a serious problem.

What we do: At your request, your project manager can schedule crews to work around these important parts of your daily routine.

Post remodel deep clean
Post-remodel deep clean
Custom construction times

Why this matters: Construction projects will likely leave your in need of a cleaning.

What we do: Once the site work and your home renovation Concord are complete to your preferences, our experienced construction cleaners remove the trash and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way.

Crew only restrooms
Crew only restrooms
Custom construction times

Why this matters: If you live in your home while remodeling, you probably won't want others sharing your restroom.
portable toilets
What we do:
We bring portable toilets to every one of our job sites for our crews to use. These toilets are delivered when crews start, cleaned out regularly, and are immediately picked up once the project is complete.

Tool & debris clean up
Tool & debris clean up
Custom construction times

Why this matters: Construction debris & power tolls left on site can be a hazard to kids & pets in your home.

What we do: All our crews are instructed to haul away all construction debris from our job sites & take their power tools with them at the end of every day to keep your home hazard free.

How it works

Hire us to complete your home remodeling, kitchen renovation Concord, or house additions for a once-in-a-life time experience with less worry and more excitement.

Schedule an estimate

We'll visit your home for free to talk about your remodeling ideas and make an in-person assessment on the work to be done. If applicable to your project, we'll also schedule an engineer or architect visit for free.

schedule an engineer or architect
Receive a proposal

Our estimator will create a proposal for you that includes a scope of work, the total cost of your project, and the duration of the project.

Receive a proposal

If needed, we'll connect you with our Renofi lender representative to find the best loan product for your project.

3D drafts

Our design team will help you create a 3D draft of your project. This will give you and our crews a clear idea of how you want your home to look when finished the project is done.

Materials shopping

We'll help you find, select, buy, and schedule delivery of materials from local suppliers for your project. We'll also pass on our discounts to you!


Take a deep breath and leave the rest to us. We'll renovate your kitchen and concord home remodeling according to your liking. We assure you won't regret employing our experts.

start remodeling your home
Why choose us

Home Quality Remodeling is the first company in Seattle that specializes in house and ADU remodeling Concord projects. With more than 18 years of work expertise, we have built the rapport of becoming the best home Concord remodeling in town. But you are what makes us unique!

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Free architect consults

Some projects need expert advice from an architect or structural engineer. We cover the cost of an in-home with consultation with a licensed architect to get your questions answered.

all inclusive service icon
All inclusive service

We do it all in-house so you don't have to look any further. From pre-construction design, to engineer plans, and permit acquisition our team provides end-to-end construction services.

know the numbers icon
Know the numbers

You'll get a detailed scope of work that outlines how much your project will cost and how long it will take.

speedy service icon
No long waits

You'll never have to wait on us. Our crews can start can start as soon as 1 weeks from when designs are finalized.

warranty icon
Builder Warranty

Have peace of mind with our Builder Warranty. If anything goes wrong with our work of ADU remodeling Concord within 1 year, we'll come back and fix the problem for free.

before and after icon
See the end-result now

You'll know exactly what you're going to get. Our team will create 3D renderings modeled after your design ideas which will be used by our team to refer to during the construction stage.

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