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Second Floor Laundry Pros and Cons

January 2, 2023

Having a laundry room on your home's second floor has pros and cons. On the plus side, you don't have to lug your dirty clothes down stairs whenever you want to wash them. But on the downside, if your washer or dryer breaks, you'll have to schlep everything up and down again. So weigh the pros and cons carefully before you make your final decision.

In this blog we will weight the pros and cons to help you decide if a second floor laundry remodel is right for your space!

Is having a second floor laundry a good idea?

Installing laundry on the second floor is a great practical solution for many households. Having to go up and down stairs multiple times a day with armloads of dirty and clean laundry can be exhausting, not to mention in convenient. A second floor laundry could save homeowners from doing this labor-intensive task, but it is also important to consider the full scope of design elements that would make that possible. Everything from mechanical systems and structural support to layout decisions must be carefully thought through to make a second floor laundry safe and effective. It is something worth considering if it's achievable within your particular home.

Pros of having a second floor laundry

Having a designated second-floor laundry room is an excellent way to save time and make laundering easier. One of the pros of having a second-floor laundry is not having to lug baskets of clothes up and down stairs every time they need to be laundered. Additionally, having a central laundry space on the second floor makes it easy for multiple people in the same household to perform their laundry duties simultaneously. Not only can this prevent clashes over who will do which load first, but also helps house holds with larger families stay organized and on top of their chores. Finally,designing a dedicated space for washing clothes on the second floor gives family members more privacy, allowing them to care for their items without worrying about intrusions from younger children or other household guests. All in all, having a laundry room located between floors can be an incredibly practical addition that helps simplify and streamline laundry duties.

Cons of having a second floor laundry

Having a second floor laundry can be a great space-saving convenience, but there are also several drawbacks. For example, the noise from operating the machines can reverberate throughout the upper levels of your home, something that those living below may not appreciate. Additionally, if machines are not properly installed and calibrated, water leakage is a significant risk; that's why it's important to have them professionally serviced and inspected regularly.

Before deciding whether to add a second floor laundry room to your home, it’s important to consider all the positives and negatives of such a drastic change. Analyze the cost and think about exactly how often you expect to use it. Ask yourself if having a dedicated laundry room in your home is really worth investing in the time, energy, and potential money it may take.

Does it drastically improve your day-to-day living now – or simply serve as an upgraded convenience for the future? Answering these questions honestly is necessary to accurately assess if a second floor laundry room is truly right for your situation.

Is it worth it?

A second floor laundry can be a great convenience for house holds who want to avoid carrying loads of laundry up and down the stairs. It can help streamline the chore, saving time and energy spent transporting clothes between stories. That being said, it depends on each individual situation, as these amenities come with additional costs that may not justify the extra convenience.

Considering factors like your home layout and individual needs is an important step in deciding whether investing in this feature is worthwhile. Taking stock of your situation may prove worth your time before tackling this remodel. Consider the size and integrations of plumbing, such as if it creates visibility for other spaces or provides functionality for overall comfort and ease of use. Our team can further assist in ensuring that all financial information is laid out in advance so you have a clear picture of cost vs. benefit. Furthermore, think about how this feature fits into your lifestyle to obtain the most value from what you are investing in.

Making your decision

Making decisions about life can be difficult, but sometimes the best approach is to think long and hard about what matters most to you. If you are honest with yourself and consider all options, it can be easier to find the right path. Try breaking it down into steps to help ensure that your decision-making process isn't overwhelming. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making a call. Consider talking with friends or trusted advisors who can offer insight or perspective on various pathways. Most importantly, make sure that you listen to your inner voice -while it may take some practice, trusting your gut instinct will often lead you down the right path in the end.

Now that we’ve looked at both the pros and cons of having a second floor laundry, what do you think? Is it worth it to carry your laundry up and down the stairs daily? Or is the peace and quiet of not constantly having your washing machine on worth the inconvenience?


If you’re still undecided, here are a few things to consider that might help you make up your mind:

-How often do you do laundry?

-Do you have young children or pets who might make noise around the washing machine when used?

-Are there rooms directly below where your washer and dryer would be located?

These are just a few factors to remember as you make your decision – ultimately, only you can decide whether or not a second floor laundry is right for you! Our team is ready to discuss your second floor laundry remodel plans today.

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