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Remodeling Ideas for Homes in the Bay Area

July 13, 2021

Our top 5 home remodeling ideas

When planning a home remodel, don’t be afraid to experiment and unleash your creativity. If you don’t have any ideas yet, this blog post is the perfect place to start. Here are the top 5 remodeling ideas for homes in the Bay Area in 2021:


During the pandemic, people started craving more privacy at home. That’s why open floor plans are officially out! The next big thing is a divided space with many personalized rooms.

There are several ways you can divide and conquer an open floor plan. For example, you can use different color palettes and fabrics to separate the areas visually. But you can also opt for more effective solutions like building extra walls or installing glass doors with curtains.

The cost to remodel an open floor plan isn’t that expensive, especially when you consider the benefits. For example, homes with multiple separate spaces are ideal for large families. You can create a relaxing home office, art studio, playroom, and even library if you want to. Plus, dividing an open space improves energy efficiency as you can control the temperatures in each room.


Nowadays, everybody wants a safe outdoor space to enjoy nature, relax or dip into a plunge pool. So why not transform your backyard into a private oasis? Statistics show that outdoor remodels are rapidly gaining popularity. They also have a high ROI and will increase the chances of attracting future buyers.

For creating your private oasis, start by choosing the right pool (plunge, infinity, hot tub, above ground…). Then, move onto essential furniture pieces like sunbeds, hanging chairs, and patio beds. Use handmade décor and pergolas with lightweight curtains to complete “the oasis look”. You can even create a special zone for meditation, yoga, exercising, or arts &crafts.


Let’s be honest, a tiny balcony just doesn’t cut it anymore! If your property doesn’t have enough outdoor space, why not expand it? Consider building a large terrace or converting your flat roof into a relaxing garden.

When decorating, try to add a few elements with a boho aesthetic. From wall hangings and woven furniture to handmade vases and Persian rugs, a newly built boho terrace can be a true showstopper, especially if the house has an ocean view. Imagine drinking coffee in a lovely woven chair while watching the sunrise and hearing the ocean waves. What a life!

Whether you’ll build an outdoor deck, terrace, or add an extra story, expect your home additions to increase home value. However, some areas have strict building codes. It’s best to check with city officials or experienced builders before scheduling construction.


If you want to expand your livable space, but don’t like large construction projects, you can always reinvent the spaces you already have but don’t use. Neglected basements, attics, sheds, or garages… all of these can become luxurious sweets if you have the right construction team by your side.

The cost to remodel an existing area is much lower than newbuilds but still provides similar results. Garage conversions are especially popular these past months since they rarely require building permits, don’t influence tax, and have a very high ROI.


We all know the Bay Area for its unique views and waterfront houses. That’s why it’s the perfect location for blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space! The best way to do this is by switching from regular exterior walls to glass ones.

The perfect spaces for glass walls are bedrooms, lavish bathrooms, living rooms connected to patios, and home offices. Exterior glass walls are almost a necessity if your house is on a hill. After all, who wouldn’t want to be surrounded all day by the Bay’s astonishing views?



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