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4 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Garage in San Jose

January 8, 2021


Turning your garage into a more efficient storage space or into a livable unit?

If your garage isn’t up to par or can’t handle your storage needs or need space another living space to serve as a functional guest room? It might be time for a garage remodel. 

Home Quality Remodeling has helped hundreds of clients throughout the San Jose area with their garage remodels. Deciding to expand or remodel your garage is a major decision that’s why we walk our  clients each step of the way, from designing the garage remodel to the final inspection.

4 things you can do to save time and money on a garage remodel

  • Set a budget. Think about where a garage remodel is on your home improvement list and how much of your improvement budget you are willing to put toward this project. The costs of a garage remodel can differ depending on what you want to do. If you want to convert your garage into a livable space by putting in some insulation and drywall or want to turn your garage into another living space by installing a bathroom and kitchenette, then you should expect different price points. If you have an idea and want to know how much it will cost, book a free estimate with one of our project managers. 

An appointment with us is completely free and if you decide not to work with us in the future, you don’t owe us a thing. We ask that you book an appointment because each garage conversion project is unique and each project has a different price point.

  • Always factor in a 15% margin of error in case additional material costs or labor costs are needed. Know that a variety of things, such as unknown problems behind walls, can lead to more costs.  In some cases, when you're remodeling a garage and find mold behind a wall, your contractor will notify you of this issue and though you're not obligated to remove the mold, it's probably not a good idea to leave it there and go ahead with building out your new garage.
  • Have a clear idea of what you want to do with your garage. Determining if your garage is going to be a fully functional living space with a bathroom and kitchenette or a man-cave with lots of electrical sockets before starting the project will help our designers and project managers plan out the fastest route to completing this project. Knowing the intended purpose of your garage conversion will help our project managers create an accurate estimate for all the materials and furnishings you will need. It might not seem like a big deal but something like determining where and how many doors and windows you want in your garage remodel can drastically affect the end price and timeline. 
  • Pick out the finish materials for your garage remodel. Most construction quotes you will receive will only include the rough material costs. Rough materials include the following things: framing material, standard insulation, drywall, mudding, duct work, recessed light fixtures, electrical outlet covers, switch covers, labor, and disposal fees. Finish material include things such as the type of light switches, electrical sockets, light bulbs, paint, molding, doors, windows, tiles, and flooring.

Don’t leave a major project like a garage model in the hands of an amateur. A good rule of thumb is if the contractor has done larger more complex projects like full home remodels, then you’re in good hands for your garage remodel. This is a major investment, so you want to make sure that it is handled by professional contractors who are experienced in taking care of such projects.

 Home Quality Remodeling’s team has years of experience in handling major remodel projects. Our knowledge about garage remodels, home remodels, and other structure remodels and can help you through the entire process. When you have a garage remodel, you want it to serve you well for years to come. You want it to be an investment that will increase your property value. We will help you determine which changes will be most beneficial to you and to your property's value for the long haul. Read more about how you can remodel your garage here.

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