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Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Remodel your kitchen and bathroom into the modern oasis of your dreams! Our experienced kitchen and bathroom remodeling professionals will help you create a beautiful space tailored specifically to your style with sophisticated aesthetics and luxurious amenities, while keeping your budget in mind. Add flair, convenience and high visual impact - our remodeling experts work diligently to ensure that your vision gets implemented in the best way possible. Upgrade now and bask in luxury from within the heart of your home today!

As one of the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies in Northern California, our experienced professionals can help you create a space that is tailored specifically to your preferred style. We will bring together sophisticated aesthetics and luxurious amenities in order to ensure the final design reflects your vision and taste. You can rest assured knowing that we will strive to bring life to all the possibilities and combinations deliberately devised to make it comfortable for you, long into the future.

Trust your home renovation with qualified, insured and experienced professionals that will treat your home with the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship. There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from having this work done to perfection; embrace it fully!

Start Right

With a well-crafted plan, the road to success becomes long yet navigable. We've created an organized timeline and payment system thatkeeps us on task while paving the way for whatever you require.

Putting it altogether

Before your remodeling project begins, you can review the project outline and make necessary changes with the help of our experiencedcrew. We'll be happy to discuss color schemes and aesthetics according to your preferences!

We’ll Take it From Here

Our licensed general contractor ensures your kitchen/bathroom remodeling project is permitted with the utmost efficiency -sparing you any unwelcome back-and-forths with local authorities.

We’re Experts

Our interdisciplinary team of experts in architecture, engineering, design, and technology ensures a seamless kitchen remodeling experience. Our professionals are dedicated to assessing potential issues before they grow into costly problems - ensuring streamlined results delivered on time with satisfaction guaranteed!

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At the top of our priority list is ensuring that all our clients are served efficiently. We take pride in being the market-leading provider of kitchen and bathroom remodeling, always ensuring to keep your living environment safe and functional throughout any improvements we make.

Dust & particulate filters
We Do it Right
Custom construction times

Protecting your health is paramount to us. The dust and particulates released during a remodel can be hazardous, so we ensure our job sites are properly outfitted with construction-grade air purifiers that filter all airborne contaminants. With this critical measure in place, you don't have to worry about wearing protective gear while work crews are present – let us take care of the rest!

Vapor & debris barriers
Safety is Our Middle Name
Home Remodeling

We understand that safety is paramount onany construction site, and thus our engineers always return their tools home after shifts. In addition to air filtration systems already in place at the work site, we also seal off sections of homes with an impermeable plastic barrier which keeps potentially hazardous VOCs confined within the space for either filtering or exhausting out a window. This way, your health, and well-being are prioritized before all else!

We’ve Got Time
Custom construction times

We understand that construction can be disruptive. That's why we make sure to operate on a schedule set by you, ensuring noise control when it matters the most - like nap time! We want to keep your home (and those much-needed naps) peaceful and undisturbed.

Post remodel deep clean
We Pick Up Afterward
Custom construction times

After the hard work of construction projects, you can rest assured that our experienced cleaners will take care of any debris left behind in an eco-friendly way. Let us do the job right and give your kitchen renovation a complete transformation!

Crew only restrooms
We Bring It All
Custom construction times

Ensuring your comfort and privacy is ourutmost concern. That's why we always provide portable toilets on every job site— guaranteeing no one from the construction team has to share personal spaces with you, ever. Our diligent service staff delivers these facilities at project start-up and thoroughly cleans them during ongoing operations before removing them upon completion of their task.

Tool & debris clean up
Equipment Control
Custom construction times

We recognize that construction debris and power tools can pose a danger to young ones, so we ensure all our crew members secure their materials at the end of each work day. We are committed to providing your family with a safe environment even during renovations!

Home Renovation Financing

We've looked around & did the research for you. Talk to Renofi to see how they can find the best financing for your home!
As low as $25k up to $500k loan limits.
Up to 20 year terms.
No need to refinance your current home.
Borrow up to 90% of After-Renovation Value (ARV).
Cash available on approval. No complex draw processes.
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