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Sunnyvale General Contractor services

We offer the following services for residential homes throughout the city of Sunnyvale:

Services we don’t typically provide in Sunnyvale

Our team works in crews of 5 including a designer, project manager, and our tradespeople. Although our name might imply we cover every home remodeling project imaginable, sometimes we recommend you go to specialists who can give you a better price than we can for the same quality of work.

Grants and financing for home renovation projects funded by the city of Sunnyvale

Advantageously located by the world’s top tech companies, Sunnyvale has consistently been rated one of the best cities to live in due to the incredibly low crime rates and high quality of life. Thanks to Sunnyvale’s city initiatives that encourage ownership of the towns by incentivising community events and funding community lead improvements. The one ‘down-side’ is that getting into this city is tough. Property prices are high and when homes do go on the market, they’re quickly scooped up

To maintain the neighborhood’s high standard of living, the city offers the following grants and incentives to its residents:

Learn more about Sunnyvale's home improvement grants here.

Sunnyvale’s First-time home buyer program

This first-time home buyer program is funded by the HOME investments partnership program with the city of Sunnyvale’s Housing Mitigation Fund. This loan program is available to individuals who live or work in the city of Sunnyvale. This loan program is a type of “silent second mortgage loan, also known as “gap” financing”. The program loan funds may be used towards the purchase price of the home and the closing costs. Another caveat to this is that you can only purchase a property within Sunnyvale city limits with this program.

To learn more about this program, visit this page.

Sunnyvale Neighborhood Grant Program

Another super cool program available to residents of Sunnyvale is the Neighborhood Grant Program. This program is funded by the city of Sunnyvale with the mission to improve the quality of life for residents by building community engagement, by creating a sense of pride and ownership for the city. Since the grant is intended to raise community engagement, it can be put towards a number of construction projects such as a shaded gathering point, improving a section of town, rehabilitating a neglected home, or making improvements to a park. 

To learn more about this grant, visit this document published by the city & consider our team at Home Quality Remodeling if we can help improve your neighborhood.

Water conservation initiatives for Sunnyvale residents

If you are an avid gardener or like to have plant life around your property, you might want to consider water conservation upgrades. Water catchment systems & water recycling systems can take you one step further in being more water independent. Having a store of usable water can protect your plants from drought damage, reduce your water bill, reduce your carbon footprint, and be a reservoir of water incase of fire threats.

Contact the city office for water conservation grants or financing or read this document to learn more.

Removing trees from your property

Even if a tree is on your property, if its diameter is larger than 38 inches, you’ll need a permit to remove the tree. Our team doesn’t handle tree removals directly since we aren’t license in this specialized industry but we’ve linked to a specialist above. At times, a tree might be inconveniently located on your property where you could build an ADU or added living space or rental income. Before creating plans for your renovations where a tree is located, make sure that you can get a permit through Sunnyvale’s tree removal permit office.

Building an ADU in Sunnyvale

Also known as an accessory dwelling unit, mainly come in 3 designs: detached, attached, or second-story. ADUs must have their own kitchenette, bathroom, and living quarters. There is a big push by the city of Sunnyvale and the state of California for residents to build more ADUs onto their property to help address the lack of affordable housing. Visit this website to learn more about building an ADU in Sunnyvale.

If you’re considering moving forward with building an ADU on your property, it will be useful to know what your address is zoned for. Use this zoning map to find out what your property is zoned for. Once you find out your zoning, call the city’s planning department to ask them what type of ADU you can build on your property. When you find out what you’re allowed to build, your meeting with your general contractor goes much smoother since you’ll be many steps ahead. The next step would be for your general contractor to create plans based on your designs and get permit approvals for the designs. When permits are granted, construction can begin.

We hope you’ll consider our team at Home Quality Remodeling. We have on-going relationships with many city departments and our projects go much quicker than out of town contractors. Here’s a project we did on W McKinley Ln.

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