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General contracting services we offer in Foster City

We offer the following services for residential homes throughout Foster City:

Services we don’t typically provide in Foster City

We’ve put together a list of speciality services that we get asked to do but unfortunately aren’t licensed to take on. Check out the list below for our recommended specialists.

Foster City Solar Rebate Program

Foster City residents are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in rebates for installing solar PC technology as a part of the city’s initiative to go greener. Better hurry since the grants end when teh $200,000 funding is exhausted.

To learn more and apply for the rebate, visit the Foster City Solar Rebate page.

Building an ADU in Foster City

Recent changes in California state law have made building an ADU easier than ever before. A new state bill has limited the ability of local city governments from over complicating the permitting process for building an ADU.

It might be worth knowing that you can build an ADU if your property is zoned R-1, R-2, R-1/PD, R-T, R-3, R-3/PD, R-4, R-4/PD. Most single family homes are in either zone R-1 or R-2. Other important requirements include the following:

Type of ADUs you can build in Foster City

There are 4 types of ADUs you can build on a single-family lot, these are the specifics:

How many ADUs can you build on a single family lot in Foster City?

You can build up to 1 detached ADU and one Junior ADU granted that there isn’t already an ADU on the property. 

How to get started on building your ADU?

If you’re a DIYer, visit the Foster City ADU page for more instructions but if you’re looking to hire a professional team to build your ADU, we at Home Quality Remodeling would be honored to work with you. 

We typically start with visiting your property to get a clear idea of what we have to work with and give you a price and timeline for building your preferred ADU. Then, we’ll schedule a time for you to meet with your 3D architecture designers to create drafts of the ADU. Once the plans are created, we’ll submit the plans for approval and get the necessary permits. From that point, we’re ready to break ground and start building.

Renovating in an HOA community

HOAs are great for protecting your property’s value but can be tough if you’re looking to do any exterior renovations or additions. Note that exterior renovations such as painting, fencing, decks, and roofing projects are typically what your HOA will need to approve. Each HOA board has their own revision requirements. Some HOAs may require drawn plans or blueprints for proposed renovations. 

If you’re renovating a home in Foster City that’s part of an HOA, our project management team can help you navigate the process and be an advocate for your goals.

Other than HOA communities, Foster City’s building council has also adopted requirements for specific upgrades and renovations. For a full list visit the citywide policy page. A professional general contracting team should not only handle the construction side of things but should also be able to navigate your city’s unique legislation.

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