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General contracting services we offer in Concord

Our team at Home Quality Remodeling specializes in home remodeling & building ADUs. Our teams are designed to be the most economical and time efficient option for larger scale projects like bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and garage remodels. Our crews consist of a 3D architecture designer, a project manager, and our tradespeople. As a rule of thumb, we take on projects that are the following:

There might be a case where you’re updating a few parts of your home and are unsure whether our team is the best fit or not. As a general rule, we don’t typically take on projects that can be done by a team of 1 or 2 specialists because the prices we’d offer wouldn’t be as competitive. Here’s a list of project we recommend you go to other specialists for alongside the specialists we recommend:

Getting started with room extension, addition, or ADU

Concord’s real estate prices have steadily risen despite the COVID lockdowns. If you live in the Bay Area, you might’ve heard of the exodus of city residents moving into the surrounding suburbs to have a more spacious work from home experience. We think this is the reason why we’ve seen an increase in garage conversions and additions to create home offices.

If you’re planning to put a home office in your property, our general contracting team has the experience for it. Our experienced team can find out where you’re allowed to put an addition. Depending on your property’s layout, the city of Concord does regulate if and where you can build an addition. Our team can help you think of allowable ways to build  your home office or addition.

In most cases, you can add a second story addition onto your property but note that these may be more expensive than ground level additions due to the structural plans needed and potential reinforcing of the ground level structure. The ideal scenario is to build an addition in your backyard or front yard while complying with setback requirements or converting your garage into a livable space. The caveat to garage conversions is that single family homes with 3 or less bedrooms must have 1 covered parking space and homes with 4 or more bedrooms must have 2 or more parking spaces. A workaround that could work for your property is converting your current garage into a living space then building a garage space to comply with the city’s requirements.  Give us a call or start with this FAQ page published by the City of Concord as a starting point. 

One note on your governing building department, though most addresses in the city of Concord are governed by Concord’s building division some addresses are considered under the jurisdiction of Contra Costa County’s building department. If you’re not sure which jurisdiction your home is under, just give one of them a call and tell them your address then they’ll be able to redirect you if needed.

Set back requirements for properties in the city of Concord

Set back requirements differ based on what your property is zoned for. To find out what your property is zoned for, use this zoning tool published by the City of Concord; it is actually super useful.

Once you find out what your zoning specifications are ( RS-5, 6, 7.5, 8, 10, 12, etc) then refer to this table to figure out your set back requirements. Just to give you an idea, most residential properties are going to be zoned RS 7.5 or RS 8. The average set back requirements from the perimeter of the property are:

Designing your home renovation project

Once you’ve figured out what you’re allowed to do on your property, the next step is to get ideas on paper. Architect 2D drawings is the traditional way to draft and see what your ideas will look like. A modern alternative is to work with a 3D remodeling designer. This option typically costs less since 3D designs are less labor & time intensive to produce. We recommend working with HQR Design. They are a sister company to Home Quality Remodeling.

If you’re a planner and really want to get granular, a good next step is to consult an interior designer with your 2D drawings or 3D plans. They can help you fine tune the aesthetic of your remodel.

We recommend working with an interior designer whose aesthetic and fee structure works for you. Check out the following professionals: Brett Foken from Decorotation, Jennifer Jones from Niche Interiors, or Robineve from Robineve & Co Interiors.

Where to find the best prices for appliances & finish materials

Clients of Home Quality Remodeling get special contractor discounts when purchasing from the list of vendors below. We’ve been able to secure special discounts from suppliers over the years of doing business with them.

We didn’t include a vendor for rough materials because as your general contractor, we purchase that for you. We typically work with Golden State Lumber for all our rough materials.

What should your general contractor be responsible for

No two general contractors work the same, the best way to get clarity on what your general contractor will be responsible for is by asking for a detailed scope of work. A scope of work is no more than a contract detailing the work to be done, who is responsible for what, and the cost of the project. 

A note on doing your due diligence, know that there are bad eggs in the construction business so don’t take a risk on working with a contractor you don't have a reason to trust. We recommend that you never work with a contractor that doesn’t have any client references or reviews, is unlicensed (check if your contractor has a license here), or that doesn’t have any insurance coverages. 

Cheaper isn’t always better and if you’re remodeling your home, this most definitely applies. Think of your home as the asset that it is. Don’t risk devaluing your home to save a few dollars.

How to get construction financing for your home renovation or new home build

There are so many loan products available to finance your remodeling project. The best one will depend on your unique situation but we always recommend that our clients start by visiting Renofi’s website and filling out their construction financing form. 

Some loan products require the involvement of our team to schedule inspections and file paperwork. Not all general contractors will do this but our team at Home Quality Remodeling does.

Visit our article to see the 4 most common loan products our clients have used to finance their renovation.

Designing the landscaping of your property

There is no shortage of great landscapers and creative landscape designers. Just keep in mind that some trees are protected by the city of Concord and all tree removals require a permit. Failing to obtain a permit can result in a hefty fine. It typically takes the city 5 days to approve your tree removal permit

For a great landscape contractor & designer, we recommend working with Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping

Solar power and EV incentives from the City of Concord

The city of Concord has teamed up with various non-profit organizations to make going green easier and cheaper. Residents of Concord are qualified to get help from Bay Area Sun Shares whose job is to negotiate prices for installing solar power systems into your property. Concord homeowners have been able to get 15% off market rate on solar installation and 10% off market rate for battery storage. If you’re a homeowner in Concord, visit their website to sign up!

If you don’t already have a go-to electrician who can install solar power systems, we recommend you check out Got Watts Electric. They’re based in the East Bay and are known to have great customer service and can do quite a few more tasks than installing solar.

How long does it take to get permits from the City of Concord

Your wait times for permits will depend on the number of people also applying for permits and the complexity of the project. Each permit goes through a review process where a board of officials ensures that the proposed project meets local codes & isn’t an eyesore relative to the neighborhood’s current aesthetic. The average wait times we’ve found are as follows:

In the city of Concord, you can get permits the same day they are submitted for the following projects:

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