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Major Gwyn Jones & Michael Barrington

The Salvation Army, Concord Rotary Club, & local businesses teaming up to serve the community

Concord's Salvation Army needed to redo the floors in three of their rooms to prepare them for upcoming community events. When Brad Prescott & Gary Collins from the Concord Rotary Club heard of the need, they stepped up to organize the supplies and labor needed to pull off the job. Gary reached out to multiple local businesses in Concord letting them know of the event. After the word got out, various businesses & Rotarians jumped in to help.

During the event, we got a chance to speak with the leaders of the Concord Rotary Club and the Concord Salvation army. They mentioned that this event marks the beginning of a partnership between the two organizations to serve the surrounding community. Michael Barrington said that he foresees the partnership making a greater impact on the community.

We wanted to say thank you to Gary & his team at Windows & Beyond, Bryan Keding from Floor Coverings International for his expertise, NARI Diablo Valley & Contra Costa Business Referral Network (BNI) for getting the word out about the event, Roget & the team at Home Quality Remodeling, the Rotarians from Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Walnut Creek Rotary clubs for their hard work & purchasing all the flooring materials. 

We look forward to more of these great projects and the collaboration of networks that made this one a success.