Roget Ghawi

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Project proposal
Project type:
Kitchen & fireplace remodel
Proposal for:
Roget Ghawi
Date submitted:
February 3, 2021



1.       Provide top of the line 3D design layout & recommendations for Kitchen remodel

2.      Demo existing fixtures, floors, cabinetry etc. haul away debris.

3.      Cover and protect all work areas as needed. Making sure minimal dust and residue will be left at the house after demo.

4.      Remove wall between Kitchen and living room (not structural).

5.      Open walls as needed to upgrade and or relocate rough electrical and rough plumbing supply lines for new kitchen location.

6.      Create new vent for new hood location

7.      Patch floor where wall and hearth were removed. Customer to provide flooring.

8.      Supply and install drywall as needed to patch where rough plumbing and electrical upgrade/re-locations occurred.

9.      Apply self-adhesive mesh tape and joint compound to all seams and screw holes on newly installed drywall.

10.  Prepare walls for paint by sanding smooth joint compound and sweeping wall free of any dust that has accumulated from the preparation process.  

11.  Apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint to entire kitchen.

·       Customer to provide paint

12.  Install new semi-custom kitchen cabinets, island, door handles and knobs. Customer to provide cabinets and hardware. HQR to help with prices and vendors.

13.  Install new tile backsplash (customer to provide). HQR will help with vendors and prices.

14.  Install new prefab Quartz kitchen countertop including Island.

15.  Hook-up and install all appliances provided by the customer.

16.  Re-route drains and vents to accommodate for new layout

17.  Hookup and Install all fixtures and accessories provided by the customer to include:

·       Sink, garbage disposal, hood, fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher etc.

·       Faucet


18.  Install new under cabinets lights. Customer to provide lights.

19.  Conduct a thorough clean-up and haul away remaining construction waste.







1.      Reframe window instead of fireplace per approved plans.

2.      Install new window. Customer to provide.

3.      Install waterproofing underlayment and mesh wire around window.  

4.      Patch stucco on the exterior.

5.      Paint stucco (try to match existing)

6.      Install insulation in exposed exterior walls.


Miscellaneous work


1.      Remove brick fireplace, load barring wall, hearth, and stone as per approved plans.

2.      Excavate foundation to accommodate for new reinforced footing as per approved plans.

3.      Reinforce footing as per approved plans.

4.      Connect new footing to existing footing as per approved plans.

5.      Frame wall as per approved plans.

6.      Install drywall and sheer plywood as per approved plans.

7.      Apply texture and ready for paint.

8.      Paint along with rest of kitchen.

9.      Repair roof to match existing.

10.      Add up to 8 lights in kitchen and living room.

11.      Remove existing lights.

12.     Install chandelier over the island.



General Notes:   -Tax, labor, rough material and permit acquisition services are included

General Exclusions:   - permits and associated fees are not included (if applicable)

Clarifications:  If allowances are set, the client is responsible for any overages beyond the allowed amount

Concealed/Hidden conditions:  Concealed conditions exposed by demolition during project may affect this estimate.

Total project investment