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Kitchen remodel on Clarewood Ct, Concord

Design inspiration


Turn around time
8 weeks

This project is representative of our best case remodeling scenario. Our client worked with our 3D interior design team to create a mockup of how she would like her kitchen to look and handed those designs off to the project manager. You'll see the 3D renderings and the finished work in this page.

As for the remodeling, we updated the flooring throughout the room, installed new cabinets, and floating shelves as you'll see in the back of the kitchen. For the fixtures and surfaces, our client went for an apron sink and an a white marble countertop. We also installed a glossy Ogee drop backsplash that goes from the countertop to the ceiling. What standout the most for the appliances is the generous wine fridge we installed.

The glossy backsplash along with the wood accents and the hue of color from the cabinets give this kitchen so much identity.

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