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Kitchen and bathroom remodel on Bayview Dr, Alameda, CA

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Turn around time
5 months

Our client wanted a load-bearing wall removed to turn her kitchen into a more spacious and open space. The process of removing the load bearing wall was quite lengthy due to the building codes we had to meet to accommodate the removal of the wall. Once that was done, we remodeled 3 bathrooms, replaced the floors and windows across the entire home, and updated the bathrooms. The new appliances you see like the wine cooler, double oven, and light fixtures required us to upgrade the existing electrical panel of the home.

Good things truly do come with time just like the beautiful picture window.

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"We always knew the status of the project and our project manager ensured that things were done to our satisfaction. They went the extra mile at the end to make sure the last items were addressed appropriately."

Karen J.

"Now, after the dust has settled, I'm very happy with the finished product. I would recommend HQR for anyone looking for a contractor that not only actually finishes the job but takes pride in their work. I plan on hiring them in the future for any other projects that come up."

Nick J.

"The HQR team...made what was once a mess beautiful again."

Catherine F.