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General contracting services we offer in Danville

We offer the following services for residential homes throughout the city of Danville, CA:

Services we don’t typically provide

Our team works in crews of 5 including a designer, project manager, and our tradespeople. Although our name might imply we cover every home remodeling project imaginable, sometimes we recommend you go to specialists who can give you a better price than we can for the same quality of work.

Danville’s free, pre-approved, permit ready ADU designs

As of August 31st, 2020, the city of Danville launched the Garden Cottage Program which provides residents of Danville a range of ADU plans. The plans range from 1 bed 1 bath to 2 bed 2 bath designs. These designs come with a free set of printable plans that are customizable. The benefit of going with these designs is that they’ve been preapproved by the city’s design board and they come in 2 design types: Craftsman, Mediterranean, & Contemporary.

This is a big deal, folks. We’ve seen ADU designs cost up to $15,000 and take months going through the permitting process. The good news is that this program isn’t going away soon. The state of California has been working with local governments to create more affordable housing to address the housing crisis in the Bay Area. Read more about the Garden Cottage Program here.

If there is any reason to move on this opportunity now, it is the availability of low interest rates. You can read more about construction financing in this article we published or contact your preferred lender and ask them about financing options for building an ADU.

Danville’s zoning tool

To find out what your property is zoned for, use the Danville Pioneer tool. You’ll need either a parcel number of the address of the property to find out about zoning classifications.

This is useful for folks who want to get creative with their property by potentially adding a detached ADU, increasing the occupancy limits of your home, or adding a second story. Another use case is if you’re an avid gardener or urban farmer, finding out what your property is zoned for will give you clarity on the type of livestock or landscaping you can do on your property.

As an example, if your property is zoned A-1 Light Agriculture, you’re allowed to have cattle, horse, sheep, goat, poultry, and a variety of other plants in the property alone with your single family residence.

Greener home renovations

The city of Danville requires residents doing renovations that exceed $200,000 in value or that are building ADUs to apply for a construction & demolition recycling permit. This is an initiative to divert construction debris from the landfill. This program requires your general contractor to track the debris they’re disposing of using the tool provided to them on the website.

Construction financing for clean energy and energy efficiency improvements

The city of Danville works with PACE Clean energy financing to provide residents with lower upfront costs to energy efficient improvements. The first use case for this financing that might come to mind is solar energy systems. Though this is a popular option, keep in mind that improving your home’s insulation, windows, doors, roofing, HVAC, and water systems also fall into the category of energy efficient improvements. In some cases, your landscaping may also qualify for PACE financing if your landscaping is being redesigned to use water more efficiently.

Considerations for new home renovations

If you’re planning on doing improvements to your home located by a creek or body of water, your general contractor might need to take added steps to prevent contaminated runoff. Danville has joined a Bay Area initiative to protect Bay Area waterways from contamination. 

If the city planning & zoning department deems it necessary, you might have to include plans to prevent runoff. We mention this not to discourage you from renovating your home but to show you that our team knows how to navigate Danville’s unique building requirements. 

We’ve worked extensively with homeowners in Danville. Here is a project we recently completed on Plaza Ct.

Setback guidelines for Danville, CA residences

Setbacks are mandatory distances that must be kept from the property line. Depending on the type of structure you intend on building and what your property is zoned for, the setback guidelines differ. We’ll go over the most common setback guidelines to see a more detailed guide to setbacks, visit this page.

For ADUs in properties zoned R-6 to R-15

For patio structures in properties zoned R-6 to R-15

How long it takes to get permits from Danville’s building department

Permits are approved on a first come first serve basis so if you happen to request a permit during a busy season, you could experience 20% longer wait times.

For common home renovations like bathroom, kitchen, and living room remodels that don’t change the layout, you can expect 3 to 4 weeks wait time for permits. For renovations that alter the structure of the home or extend the home, you can expect 4 to 8 weeks wait times. These projects typically go through a more thorough review process.

But as mentioned above, if you’re building an ADU, you might want to consider the Garden Cottage program the city offers. This program provides permit ready ADU designs for free. Custom ADU permit processes can take up to 8 weeks in the review process and many hours of communicating with the design review board. If you can make these designs work, use them!

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